Often than not, the hardest to take is the very first step. Too much obstacles, too many setbacks, highs and lows and all.  Its ones belief in a dream and what it means to realize it that is the ultimate push and motivation. That’s mine dream, and how its slim chances of becoming a reality was a perfect motivation.

Understanding that Menstruation is not shameful and something to hide. Mentorship

Listening to these kids was like music to my ears.  Some, beautiful amazing songs, that bring life to life, i wonder if that makes any sense! And some, sad songs, that literally take life out of life. The horrific stories of girls having to find alternatives and substitutes for sanitary towels because their parents cannot afford any for them. Girls  who have to go for days without attending classes each month due to menstruation.  Girls who fear being intimidated by boys just because they experience a monthly natural phenomenon. Girls who suffer major physical, emotional and psychological setbacks just because of something which in fact, is a symbol of their health, end up feeling ashamed of the whole cycle. Boys who become little aliens to what should be a life’s process. Boys who belittle the very sense of young girls maturing to womanhood.


It is through these kinds of experiences that we bring up girls in the society who feel inferior and not capable, at least not as capable as boys. Through this, girls become women who second guess everything they do and are not willing to take risks. Girls who fear that their risks may become mistakes that’ll mark them for life, just as their period did. Girls who never really get to the edge of wanting more , bigger and better. 

Kidaya Sagaigu Primary School Students Receiving text books that were as a result of a book drive from well wishers


7th day of October 2017, i set out on a journey to rewrite these stories. To open the other end of the tunnel that ought to shade light and a ray of hope into the lives of these girls. But most importantly, to show them that it is not a journey they should take alone as girls or women but as a society. To open a tunnel of understanding to boys who eventually become men with a mentality that they are superior and better than girls. To open it up to them that if we play together, grow together, experience together then it has to be a complete process that over and over requires us all to play a role. To make it vivid that humanity is not gendered and that each and every other thing in life affects us all equally, either positively or negatively, but equally.


It was amazing to be able to crush a bad myth, and with my three most important people in my life and over 300 students later, it was amazing to take the necessary leaps and crawls into a beautiful future. A future of togetherness, a future of taking lead, a future of enabling even in the most littlest of ways, a future of hope. Cheers to a hopeful future.






Happy small world is a blog that is inspired by the struggles that children go through. There is always an assumption that children are always happy and that they should not complain and that with what they receive they should be contented until they can fend for themselves. Well that has really hindered highly the art of bringing up happy children because they always end up living like programmed minions who only live by the rule “do as i say” from the parents and adults around them. They end up being a frustrated small world and since they grow that way, they end up a bitter generation. 

With the above cycle, we end up having bitter youths, who can be easily absorbed into gangs and terror groups. Then terror activities increase, then the crime % goes up then the society becomes hostile because youth and young people are the custodians of change.

This blog will look to find these bitter youngsters and their stories…. bring them to the world, as it looks to provide solutions for those issues to assure mother nature that we actually appreciate being born by being happy in her territory. With my childhood the best reference to what i deem a conducive society for children , i will use real life stories and pictorials to show the world that we can actually have a better society if we start as early as at birth