Happy small world is a blog that is inspired by the struggles that children go through. There is always an assumption that children are always happy and that they should not complain and that with what they receive they should be contented until they can fend for themselves. Well that has really hindered highly the art of bringing up happy children because they always end up living like programmed minions who only live by the rule “do as i say” from the parents and adults around them. They end up being a frustrated small world and since they grow that way, they end up a bitter generation. 

With the above cycle, we end up having bitter youths, who can be easily absorbed into gangs and terror groups. Then terror activities increase, then the crime % goes up then the society becomes hostile because youth and young people are the custodians of change.

This blog will look to find these bitter youngsters and their stories…. bring them to the world, as it looks to provide solutions for those issues to assure mother nature that we actually appreciate being born by being happy in her territory. With my childhood the best reference to what i deem a conducive society for children , i will use real life stories and pictorials to show the world that we can actually have a better society if we start as early as at birth



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